A perfect color palette of precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals and fossil matter paves the way to colorful Marchak jewelry. Marchak liberally makes use of artistic techniques such as pâte de verre or gold plaiting (which uses tiny articulated chains to give jewelry an appearance of being as soft as feathers) to create made to order and numbered one-of-a-kind pieces.

Founded in 1878 by the “Cartier of Kiev”, Joseph Marchak became one of the Russian Empire’s most recognized jewelers, supplier to the Tsar, and the undisputed rival of Peter Fabergé.  After the Russian Revolution, the Marchak family emigrated to Paris where Joseph’s son, Alexander, opened a shop on the Rue de la Paix to carry forward his father’s legacy. In its 131st year, Joseph Marchak’s great grandson, Daniel Marchak, with aid of longtime senior designer Bertrand Degommier, continues the revival and growth of the esteemed French house.


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