B.R.M. was the destiny of Bernard Richards, the company founder who was born into a family of clockmakers. Founded in 2002, B.R.M. (or Bernard Richard Manufacture) is the only watch company in the world that designs and manufacturers all of their watches and watch components in France. The workshop consists of six highly skilled horologists working with the most sophisticated industry equipment to produce fewer than 2500 watches annually.  In a show of meticulous quality control, each screw, push button, lug, jewel case and display shelf is made in-house; every function of each finished watch is tested prior to leaving the workshop.  

This obsessive attention to detail makes B.R.M. unwilling to mass produce their collections, favoring quality over quantity and staying loyal to the individual needs and expectations of their customers.  In less than a decade, B.R.M. has gained a tremendous following of watch lovers who value B.R.M. desire to offer only the best.


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