Antoine Camus is an alchemist of sorts, transforming sculpture, architecture and paintings into made-to-measure, colored stone jewelry dedicated to the woman who doesn’t allow life to dictate her choices.  He finds his muse in the many passions and subtleties of women, selecting each stone and designing each chef d'oeuvre with a heroine in mind. His many travels and encyclopedic knowledge of jewelry plays a key role as he designs pieces that instantly capture the sentiment of the commissioner.

Alongside Place Vendome, he imagines and develops a world of his own, that of a contemporary designer in keeping with the times. He orchestrates his collections each year with rigor and passion for new subjects that inspire and give birth to a wonderful new dimension:  he is an eccentric astronomer through the collection “Comets”; a divine naturalist with the “Safari” Collection; and a talented physicist with the collection “Geometry”. He now turns his gaze on oceanography with his upcoming collection, where water is inspiration.


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